Marius Bloemen’s Story

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Marius Bloemens


I was born and raised in Holland by parents who loved antiques. Many of the antiques they owned were clocks. As a child I found clocks very interesting. As a teen I developed a true passion for them when charged by my father with the responsibility to keep them in working order. My deep interest in clocks led me to take classes both in Holland and later in Canada.

At the age of 25 I moved to Canada where the passion remains with me. I live in London, Ontario and have served the area for over 35 years with clock repairs. I am very well known as an antique specialist and regularly receive calls from all over Ontario for repairs, especially for grandfather clocks. I have a well equipped workshop in my home where I operate my business.

I am a man that loves having “Time on his Hands”. You can be assured, if at all possible, I will find the part and the way to repair it!