Hi Maurice

We just wanted to thank you once again for fixing our clocks so well.  We have the grandfather clock all safely unpacked, leveled, and functioning… and it is marvelous!  We are so pleased with the new, shined up look, and especially the new gong it makes on the hour.  You had mentioned that you replaced a couple of the bells, as they were broken.  Now the gongs are so impressive… and to think those had not been working all these years.  Also, you did such a fine job in repairing the cabinet and doors, and placing the glass on the inside of the cabinet door was a stroke of genius.  That was the first thing our daughter noticed when she saw it.  We also very much appreciated the commentary on the repairs and the workings of the clock you did for us.  We learned so much!

Again, thank you for your professional approach to fixing our clocks.  You are an amazing craftsman and artist at what you do.  It was also a pleasure getting to know you, a brother in Christ.
We are so pleased with the result!  If you ever need a testimony about your fine work, feel free to use this or contact us.

God bless!

Rev. Richard & Barb Hall / Wingham,ON

I have a lovely fin-de-siecle carriage clock (manufactured by Francois Arsene Margaine) that belonged to my great-great grandparents. Over the years it has slowly deteriorated – a broken spring here, a cracked glass there, then a badly worn escapement pivot, and eventually it simply stopped working. I took it in to Maurice Bloemen for a thorough overhaul. Maurice dismantled it completely, replaced the worn or broken parts, lubricated everything and even polished all the brass, inside and out. The clock now looks and works like new. It keeps time perfectly, the lovely chime sounds on the hour and half hour, the alarm works again, the clock and chime run for days on a single winding, and the case, face and visible works are absolveutely beautiful. And the price was perfectly reasonable. I could not be more satisfied.

Dr. John Landstreet

Maurice, thank you so much for calling today! I’m thrilled that you can fix my ancient clock!

Dr. Gail Corning

I recently purchased a Howard Miller grandfather clock from a retailer in London who was unable to quickly schedule the setup of the clock after I had taken delivery.  Looking for someone to setup my clock, Maurice was referred to me by a shop who had performed service on wrist watches for me in the past.  Maurice came out to setup my new grandfather clock on the same day that I placed my call to him – I think he knew I was excited to see it in operation.  Maurice is a true gentleman, and he had my new Howard Miller grandfather clock running in short order.  Maurice also took the time to provide me with information to ensure proper operation.  I would not hesitate to have Maurice perform service on my clock in the future.

Joshua Van Buskirk

Over the years Maurice has set up and repaired my grandfather clock and my antique clock. He did an excellent job and provided exceptional customer service. Anyone whom I have sent to him with valuable antique clocks, that seemingly no one could repair, has thanked me for introducing them to Maurice. The bottom line is if no one can make your clocks tick, Maurice can because nobody knows and loves clocks like he does!!!

Sherry Farid

Thank you for your efforts to clean and repair my carriage clock. I am happy to say it is still working beautifully.

Dr. Anne Toth

For all your clock and watch repairs, you can’t ask for better than Maurice Bloemens. His work is meticulous – just perfection – He repaired and cleaned an old school clock of mine – which now keeps perfect time, once again has a harmonous chime and is my pride and joy. The clock had fallen off the wall and Maurice also repaired the wooden case so perfectly that you wouldn’t know it had ever been damaged. He has also replaced batteries and straps in a multitude of watches I own. His work is thorough, prompt and very reasonable. What more can anyone ask for?

Dolly Testa

Dear Mr Bloemen,

In June 2012 you repaired a Waltham Pocket Watch for me. The watch is gold and has a train engine engraved on the back. The Watch has a sentimental value for me I am pleased to report, Mr Bloemen that the watch has working without any problem since you have returned it to me. Thank you so much for the work you did to repair this watch for me. I greatly appreciated and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone!

W. Kenneth Roberts

To be honest I found Maurice’s number in the yellowpages… I called him and he immediately made time that day for me to bring my clock over. He is a very warm and welcoming individual and his home could not deny his passion for clocks. He showed me his workshop, explained what would need to be done to my clock and provided a free estimate. In less time than what he told me the clock was done and at the exact price of the estimate. He fixed those parts that were missing or broken and the clock works great. I love it. As clocks don’t last forever I would not hesitate to return to him to fix my cuckoo clock.

Dr. Collin Terpstra